4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

EMS2022 Open Access Proceedings

EMS2022 Conference Publications in the Open Access Journal Advances in Science and Research

Starting with the EMS Annual Meeting and ECAC 2006, short conference papers are published in the Open Access Journal Advances in Science and Research, The Open Access Proceedings of the European Meteorological Society (ASR), published by Copernicus.

ASR publishes original contributions on (a) advances in understanding weather and climate processes and (b) the development of operational systems and applications of meteorology, climatology, and related disciplines. This also includes new challenges and the role of communication, education and training, and engagement with society for the profession and its practices. ASR is an open-access journal for contributions presented at the annual meetings of the EMS and other related events. All manuscripts undergo peer review with at least two independent referees. The peer review is organized by the session conveners of the respective conference, who act as the guest editors for the proceedings. Advances in Science and Research performs a single-blind peer review. However, it is up to the referees to reveal their identity.

Below we provide the list of topics/EMS2022 sessions for which convenors have volunteered to act as guest editors for the volume 20: 22th EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2022.

For more details on general terms and general obligations for authors or earlier volumes check out information at https://www.advances-in-science-and-research.net/ ASR is included in all major data bases, including SCOPUS. Note that Copernicus offers the option to publish a video abstract and video supplements in a reliable repository when submitting a manuscript for publication in ASR. Authors are encouraged to make use of this facility to showcase their research activities to a wider audience. For more information, please visit https://www.copernicus.org/news_and_press/2019-05-29_publish-your-video-abstract.html

Topics/EMS2022 Sessions included in ASR Volume 22

Conveners of the following sessions have kindly agreed to act as guest editors:

    ES Programme Stream
  • ES1.5: National and international climate services: user engagement and governance
  • ES2.1: Science communication and media
  • ES3.1: Education and training: at schools, for the public, for stakeholders and professionals
    OSA Programme Stream
  • OSA1.1: Forecasting, nowcasting and warning systems
  • OSA1.2: Value Chains for Early Warning Systems
  • OSA1.5: Challenges in Weather and Climate Modelling: from model development via verification to operational perspectives
  • OSA2.2: Agricultural meteorology
  • OSA2.3: Energy meteorology
  • OSA3.1: Climate monitoring: data rescue, management, quality and homogenization
  • OSA3.2: Spatial climatology
  • OSA3.4: Deriving actionable information from climate data
    UP Programme Stream
  • UP1.1: Atmospheric dynamics, predictability, and extremes
  • UP1.2: Atmospheric boundary-layer processes and turbulence
  • UP1.3: Understanding and modelling of atmospheric hazards and severe weather phenomena
  • UP1.5: Atmospheric measurements: Experiments, instrument networks and long-term measurements using in-situ and remote sensing techniques
  • UP1.6: High-resolution precipitation monitoring and statistical analysis for hydrological and climate-related applications
  • UP1.7: Methodological Advances for the Accurate Representation of Physical Processes on Multiple Scales
  • UP2.1: Cities and urban areas in the earth-atmosphere system
  • UP2.3: Radiation, clouds and aerosols: from observations to modelling to verification
  • UP2.4: The cryosphere and cold region processes in the climate system
  • UP3.3: Synoptic climatology
  • UP3.6: Global and regional reanalyses

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