4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

EMS2022 hygiene concept

Status: 31 August 2022

Our absolute priority is the health and safety of participants. Please make sure to check all COVID-19 related requirements with the official German Government websites regularly if you intend o participate at EMS2022 in-person.

COVID-19 rules in Germany

To keep locals and visitors safe, FFP2 or medical masks are required on public transport (including at train stations and airports) and in health care institutions. The compulsory wearing of masks is applicable in nursing care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, as well as in certain community housing and on public transport. Wearing a mask on long-distance passenger transport and on airplanes is also compulsory. Mouth and nose must be covered aboard any public transport. Masks must fulfil the requirements of FFP2.

If travellers develop symptoms associated with COVID-19 (coughing, a runny nose, sore throat or fever) they should get in touch by phone with a doctor or contact the hotline 116 117. Often travel guides or hotels can also help in such cases. Travellers should keep the contact details of their home country’s embassy or consulate in Germany in case they need to contact them.

Extensive information in English and other languages on current regulations is available here.

Entry into Germany – requirements for vaccination

Please check the most up-to-date information on requirements such as registration, test results and quarantine for entry into Germany at: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/coronavirus/2317268#content_0

On-Campus Behaviour at the University of Bonn

All visitors to the University of Bonn and all other persons present are urgently asked to wear a FFP2 or medical mask at all times when on the University premises.

They are requested either to take their used single-use mask back home with you or dispose of it in the separate waste bins marked for masks. Do not dispose of masks in the general waste bins.

Disinfection stands are located in front of every entrance to the University. All visitors are asked to disinfect their hands before entering University buildings and make sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly during the course of a day.

Please check carefully the most up-to-date information for visitors by the University Bonn.

Specific rules at EMS2022 venues

  • Entry to EMS2022 at the Hörsaalzentrum and b-IT at the campus Poppelsdorf is only possible for pre-registered attendees who do not suffer from any symptoms such as high temperature or fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.
  • In case you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness or have had recent contact with an infected person, please stay at home and follow the conference online.
  • EMS2022 participants are urgently asked to wear a FFP2 or medical mask at all times. The only exception is while eating or drinking, which is not permitted inside of the lecture rooms or while standing at the lectern to give your presentation. Please be mindful to keep a safe distance from others when removing your mask.
  • Please disinfect your hands upon entry to lecture rooms; conference assistants do also provide disinfection sheets to individually clean the chair or table in front of you; all chairs are cleaned during the night.
  • At coffee stations, where tools might be used by several people, single-use gloves are provided for your own protection.
  • Attendees must let the former session's attendees leave the lecture rooms before the subsequent session's attendees can enter.
  • If you start to feel unwell at any point during EMS2022, even without a positive COVID-19 test, please put the well-being of your fellow attendees first, and refrain from attending the meeting in-person. If you do test positive for COVID-19 we ask that you inform us as soon as possible by emailing ems2022-corona (at) emetsoc.org. Your information will be completely confidential, but will allow us to monitor the general state of the meeting. Participants who have tested positive are asked to inform the organisers, isolate themselves, and follow the valid rules on quarantine.

A COVID-19 test station is located in the conference venue, in room SR4; access to the test station is from the back of the building at a designated window sill.

As these regulations are susceptible to change any time, the organisers suggest that you visit these sites regularly.

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