4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

EMS2022 Hybrid: preliminary information on the format of the EMS Annual Meeting 2022

Here we compile some preliminary information about the format for the session programme we aim at. Naturally, many details will still need to be discussed, worked out and decided, and technical issues investigated. Update information will be provided here.

STATUS: 15 December 2021

For onsite participation we will follow the current regulations on travelling and access to large events enforced by Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Bonn and the University of Bonn, and these might impact at short notice how we run the onsite event.

Mode of the meeting

  • We plan the 2022 EMS Annual Meeting as an onsite event at the University of Bonn with an online component.
  • However, should the pandemic situation turn to be challenging in September 2022, we will prepare to be flexible and may have to switch to a full online mode.

Online access practicalities

  • We aim at streaming all talks (plenary and session orals), allowing live watching online.
  • We also aim at allowing online participants to make a full oral presentation online. To streamline the running of sessions, online presentations within one session will be grouped and scheduled together.
  • We will consider to use e.g., Sli.do (or another easy-to-use suitable platform) for questions by online and possibly also onsite participants in order to avoid the need to disinfect audience micros constantly.
  • All chairpersons of sessions will be required to be at the meeting in Bonn; online chairing opportunities will not be provided.

Presentation format

  • For all abstracts the decision on the presentation type will be taken by the respective session conveners.
    I. Oral presentations: oral talks will follow the standard format (12 min + 3 min Q&A), while strictly selected solicited talks (one per session) are longer (25 min + 5 min).
    II. Posters: poster sessions will be run only on site, with poster pitches (1 min, 1 slide) during their related session. Pitch slides are compiled into one file and shown by the session chair. We aim at providing the opportunity for poster authors who wish to participate online to have an onsite poster printed (at a cost) and displayed onsite. No online poster pitches are foreseen, but authors are invited to upload pre-recorded pitches before the conference.
    III. SPARK sessions: conveners have the choice for their session to implement the SPARK format, i.e. two longer SPECIAL TRACK solicited talks of 20 min + Q&A, plus all other contributions as posters with extended lightning poster pitches (3 min + 2 min). The decision by conveners to organise the session in the SPARK format will be taken before the call for abstracts (mid-February); authors are then aware when submitting their abstract what type of presentation assignment they can expect. As far as possible, all SPARK sessions will be scheduled in parallel in order to keep the parallel sessions homogeneous and allow for easy switching of sessions for talks of interest.
  • All poster authors (onsite and virtual poster) will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the Outstanding Poster Award (OPA). A select committee will assess posters using the same criteria as before the pandemic.


  • Pre-uploading presentations will be offered – and are highly recommended – for all types of presentations, irrespective whether they are presented onsite or online. This aims to enable better preparation of sessions by conveners and all interested and also Q&A and discussions through the commenting tool.
  • Details about timelines, enforced deadlines, and accessibility of the uploaded material by conference participants and the public will be provided here in the coming weeks.
  • Uploaded pre-recorded presentations will be assessed by a select committee to allocate an Innovative Presentation Award (IPA) as in 2021.

Day programme

The standard day programme will be from 9:00 to 18:30 (CEST). If the number of abstracts and oral contributions allow, we will try to end the session programme earlier, at least on some of the days.

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