4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

Abstract processing fees (APFs)

  • An APF of €40 gross must be paid for each abstract submission.
  • APFs can only be paid by credit card or PayPal. You will be asked to provide your invoice details since a proper invoice and payment receipt will be sent by email. Please note that most probably, this invoice is meant to be an institutional invoice addressed to your institute rather than to you personally. The submission form therefore has institutional invoice as default but this could be changed to personal invoice, if applicable. If your institution is based in an EU country, you are requested to provide a VAT identification number. This VAT ID can normally be found in the imprint of your institution's website. Please carefully check your provided invoice address to avoid later changes.
  • Abstracts are only processed and available for session organization by conveners after the payment is completed. Please note that this is a processing fee and not a publishing fee.
  • APFs are not refundable in case of an abstract withdrawal, rejection, or double submission. The fees collected cover the cost to process the abstracts, whether or not one attends the meeting.
  • The APF does not register you for the EMS Annual Meeting 2022. Separate registration fees apply.
  • Solicited speakers do not receive discounted APFs, registration fees, or travel reimbursement.

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