4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

Gather.town: poster area & streaming of lectures

The EMS2022 gather.town is organised as in the sketch below and has

  • a central foyer/entrance hall;
  • 4 poster areas/rooms according to the 4 different poster display times;
  • 5 lecture rooms to which the respective oral sessions are streamed from the lecture rooms at the venue in Bonn.

Please click on the picture below to enter the EMS2022 gather.town space.


The bright lines all lead to the poster areas (on the right-hand side) or a lecture room.

Poster areas

  • the colours of the poster boards indicate the Programme Stream the poster belongs to (ES/orange, OSA/blue, UP/green);
  • poster board numbers are written on the floor in front of the poster board;
  • a preview of the author and title appears when you walk by;
  • pressing “x” will show the poster;
  • entering the darker part in front of the poster will enable you to talk to the author and others in this area (private space).

Lecture room

Press “x” to see the stream of the oral session.

Gather.town offers a virtual space for conference attendees to interact with other attendees. You can use arrow keys for moving around in the space, you can search a specific person and chat with text or video. You can have a video chat with a person who is close enough to you or with people in the same private space as you. You can also interact with objects in the space: a shortcut “x” will enable/disable all interactions with objects. This functionality is the one to use to see a poster or join into the streaming of talks from the lecture rooms.

Below is a short intro to the most important features of gather.town, but if you don’t want to read guidelines, simply watch the 4-minute intro video on YouTube that gives you the basics you need to know to move around and interact on the gather.town platform: Introduction video on YouTube

  • Avatar: During the joining process you can design your avatar.
  • Move around: Apart from using the arrow keys to move your avatar, you can simply put the mouse on the spot you want to go and right click: a button “move here” will pop up.
  • Locate: In the participants list you can search for people you want to meet; clicking on their name will give you the option to “locate” the person, which will draw a line on the floor from where you are to the person.
  • Private space: Stepping in a private space will bring up a note “You have entered a private space”; only people in the same private space can chat with each other.
  • Interact with objects: When approaching an interactable object like a poster board or a beamer, this will start to “glow” (yellow frame). Pressing “x” will start your interaction with it.
  • Minimap: at the bottom you see a map icon: this opens a picture/overview over the entire area.
  • Settings: Use the settings wheel on the left to explore options to change settings for size of the area displayed (smart/manual zoom), and much more; the settings menu will also come up if you click on your name at the bottom.
  • Respawn: Moves you back to the entrance area.
Hidden gather.town

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