4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

Final information for EMS2022 onsite attendees in Bonn

Thank you very much for your onsite participation registration for the EMS2022. The event is less than a week away and we hope you have no problem finding your way to Bonn: https://www.ems2022.eu/registration_and_venue/how_to_get_there.html

Name badge pick-up & WiFi access

The name badge pick-up and information desk will be open on Sunday, 4 September, 15:00–18:00, Monday to Thursday 08:00–18:00, and Friday 08:00–12:00. We encourage all participants to pick up their name badge on Sunday to steer clear of the unavoidable queues on Monday morning.

  1. You will find the counter for the name badge pick-up in the foyer of the Hörsaalzentrum HSZ; see campus map and floorplans at: https://www.ems2022.eu/registration_and_venue/conference_venue.html
  2. Please provide your Copernicus Office user ID to the staff at the counter, your name badge will be printed.
  3. 3In case you have an eduroam account you can access the WiFi using that account. Otherwise, please request your access code at the name badge pick-up and information desk.

EMS2022 Hygiene Plan

To ensure a safe and enjoyable conference for all participants and organisers, please carefully read the regulations on hygiene and access and adhere to these rules at all times while at the conference premises. Make sure to check all COVID-19 related requirements with the official German Government websites regularly.

EMS2022 Personal programme and Progressive Web App (PWA)

To get the most out of the EMS2022 programme, we recommend you generate your personal programme of sessions and specific presentations you would like to attend, in advance, before you travel to Bonn. This personal programme can be saved in the Copernicus Office, updated any time, downloaded as PDF, printed or sent to an email-address you can specify. You may also add personal appointments.

Note that you have to login with your Copernicus Office user ID for the tool to be available.

The WiFi at the venue should allow you to be online for the entire time. However, as a successor of the native Android/iOS mobile apps we distributed until 2019, we are now offering all attendees storing the website and programme in their browser on their device. As long as you are online, this content is updated continuously. Should you lose internet connection, you can simply proceed on the latest version. This technology is called Progressive Web Application (PWA).
The PWA provides a local copy of the website, for example on your mobile, with links working locally; thus, all information, including the complete programme, is accessible even if you are not online; content is reloaded and updated once you are back online.

The daily programme for each lecture room will be on display near the entrance of each lecture room, but also become available for download on the EMS2022 home page.

To prepare for the meeting you can also visit the display materials that have been uploaded with many abstracts in advance, comment on these and already exchange with the author, and continue the discussion then in person or online during the conference week.

Online access and gather.town

All registered onsite participants will also be able to join sessions online. However, please do not access the sessions virtually while attending an onsite session in a lecture room to avoid any interference.

Poster display takes place onsite (with a daily change of posters) in the b-IT poster area and online (with all posters uploaded on display for the entire week) on the platform gather.town.

Oral sessions can be followed by entering the respective zoom meeting (which enables chatting and asking questions live) or alternatively, by accessing the platform gather.town that has – in addition to the poster areas –five lecture rooms to which the onsite sessions are streamed.

Both, online oral and poster sessions can be virtually accessed via the online programme. Please note that the respective "Enter zoom meeting" or “Enter gather.town” button will only appear approx. 15 min before the start of the session.

Daily weather briefing by DWD (Tue-Fri) and special events

From Tuesday to Friday DWD forecasters will prepare daily weather forecasts and will point out the most interesting weather activities during the conference week: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EMS2022/session/44846

Find useful information on special sessions and social events at

and visit the Spotlight section on the website.

We thank you very much for your collaboration, wish you all a pleasant journey to Bonn, and look forward to seeing you in person at the EMS2022.

In case any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Katharina Huckemeyer & Katrin Krüger
Copernicus Meetings
Martina Junge
EMS Executive Secretary
On behalf of the Programme and Science Committee Chair, Sylvain Joffre.

Supporters & sponsors