4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany

Thank you

A big Thank You to all for attending this first hybrid EMS Annual Meeting; we were enthralled to see so many of you back and welcome many early career scientists attending for the first time. Whether you participated in person in Bonn or online, we hope your expectations were met und the conference was interesting and will result in many new collaborations and projects.

The EMS2022 was attended by 815 participants from 48 countries: 671 onsite in Bonn and 144 online from across the globe.

Display material

Contact authors and Presenting authors continue to have the opportunity to upload or update any display material alongside their abstract. Take this opportunity to update, view and comment and thus continue any discussion online. The upload tool will remain open until 9 October 2022.

Your views and experiences

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your week in Bonn or online; that will give us input and guidance on where to improve and further develop the meeting format, programme and organisation. Questions can be answered by ticking a button and may also be skipped if you prefer not to answer. The survey will be open until 9 October 2022.

Feedback survey

EMS2022 – Poster award

Based on the evaluation criteria the committee has unanimously selected the poster Perceptions of Impact-Based Warning Information for Ice-Throw Risk: A Norwegian Survey. The committee felt that in engaging with the user community to improve weather warning services and presenting a case of a specific, and dangerous, yet not well-known, societal weather hazard in a clear and visually appealing way, this poster reflected the conference theme of 'Connecting Communities to Deliver Seamless Weather and Climate Science and Services' extremely well. Congratulations and over the coming years we look forward to hearing more about how communication weather hazards at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute evolves.

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Country Number
Germany 305
United Kingdom of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales 50
Switzerland 45
Netherlands 41
Finland 35
France 30
Spain 28
Italy 24
Poland 23
Czechia 21
Norway 21
Austria 19
Belgium 16
Croatia 15
Ireland 13
Korea, Republic of 13
United States of America 12
Australia 10
Denmark 10
Greece 9
Hungary 9
Sweden 6
Taiwan 6
Israel 5
Serbia 5
Slovenia 5
Bugaria 4
China 4
Romania 4
India 3
Portugal 3
Slovakia 3
Iceland 2
Taiwan, Province of China 1
Andorra 1
Argentina 1
Canada 1
Faroe Islands 1
Japan 1
Liberia 1
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
New Zealand 1
Paraquay 1
Réunion 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Turkiye 1
Uruguay 1

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